Monday, March 9, 2009

People's Ch-U-AMP!

Leadership, Hope, Wisdom, Strength
all of these epitomized in the way I stand.
All you people should listen in awe,
as I clench my fist and then open my paw!

But behind the Herculean-Solomonish character,
is the Me that still sits in wonder.
How should the gears in me tick?
Should I inspire or make them sick?

I am put by the populace in a position,
to be an emblem of headship or to immerse in corruption.
Is this really how the politics is built?
A life torn between public service and personal guilt?!

Now I speak strong and weak in ambivalence,
but the show must go on, and be the face of reliance.
I'm seeing erratic portraits as I am in this ramp,
In their eyes, am I A People's Chump? or The People's Champ?

photo and words by: jeklog
@ Sampaguita, festival, bayan ng San Pedro

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