Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Urban Legend

Rhyme, Reason, Love, Passion
All of these evident in the Master's vision.
A calling that started with a mission,
that through the Rap Culture He can unite the nation.

Francism was the name of the said notion,
that transcended every video, Tv and radio station.
It stood the test of a 2-decade season,
and now the fight is in the heart of the next generation.

Dread was the feeling when he caught the Big C,
but the battle waged on as he struggled gallantly.
He zealously proved that disease is no hindrance,
up until even that noon that he made it in heaven's entrance.

He has the contemporary-new-age hero's thought
well, others would tag him as the Urban Patriot.
but for the jotter he now transcends,
as the new definition of an Urban Legend.

Rest in peace Sir Francis, who you are will echo in eternity.

image and words by: jeklog

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